Connect. Control.

CESync® is a cloud-based remote support utility designed to bring together, simplify, and automate the deployment of all CE Labs devices. CESync® includes OS management (including remote and silent APK and firmware updates), kiosk lock-down, automatic provisioning and device management.

Why our Partners Choose CESync®

Deploying your products should be easy and secure. CESync is designed to simplify the deployment and management of single-purpose devices.

Auto Provisioning

Simple Deployment:

A successful deployment requires the ability to get your customer’s device up and running quickly. From order to installation, CESync simplifies the deployment and provisioning of your CE Labs products. Whether it’s one device or a group of devices CESync allows you to configure device settings, load 3rd-party apps and provides seamless remote support.

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    Power On Device

    The customers experience starts the moment they power on their device.

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    Follow Setup Steps

    Getting your device connected and online is quick and simple.

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    Device will Auto-Provision

    Automatically download settings and apps, seamlessly creating a secure, single-purpose device.

APP Manager

Ready to roll:

Software and the ongoing maintenance of code has become a staple of modern life. As our SaaS partners release application updates, software enhancements and new features, CESync can deploy the App updates for one device or batch of devices at scheduled times without any disruption of business operations.

Customizable OOBE

Intuitive by Design:

It is your customer so you should be able to customize and manage the user experience. To simplify the provisioning setup and load your APK, CE Labs has designed an intuitive out-of-box-experience (OOBE) that helps your customer quickly get up and running. The CESync OOBE can be customizable with your logo, welcome message, setup instructions and specific activation information.

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    Your Logo Here:

    Add your company logo or software product images to showcase your brand.

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    Welcome Message:

    Create a custom message to welcome your customer.

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    Account Activation:

    Provide useful information about setup or next steps in activating their software subscription.

Remote Support

Let us help:

Our goal is to add value and support our partners throughout the product lifecycle.

We believe that to be a good partner we must offer more than just a professional hardware platform. Utilizing the enterprise features of CESync, CE Labs can seamlessly provide superior technical support. From level one deployment support to live after-hours customer support, we offer several levels of turn-key technical support services for our SaaS partners.