Logistics Made Simple.

Our partners depend on our advanced logistics and technical support services to drive their next generation networks. From order fulfillment to advanced warehousing to presale design and technical support, CE labs provides partners with the services needed to help grow their business.


End-to-end customer experience

CE Labs has built turn-key logistic services and a tech support team, so you do not have to. Here are a few benefits.

Order Fulfillment

CE labs provides turn-key distribution and fulfillment services for our valued partners. Partners who purchase CE labs products but have limited or no distribution capabilities, can leverage CE Labs’ experience and knowledge to distribute their products to customers without the need to invest in their own facilities.

Partners that manage larger scale deployments and who wish to outsource their logistics operations often take advantage of our custom kitting services. These custom fulfillment models can range from managing basic pick, pack, and ship transactions to an all-inclusive solution that includes custom kits, labeling, and special handling.

Advantages of order fulfillment by CE labs:
• Kitting/Bundling for large projects
• Improved service to your own customers
• Greater ability to scale for rapid growth
• Reduced necessary investments in infrastructure
• Ability to focus on core competencies
• Coordinated shipments for reduced On-Site storage before install.


Warehousing (receiving, storage)

For our partners with space constraints or large complex projects that require excess space, CE labs offers secure warehousing. Our partners can qualify for no charge warehouse space with a minimum purchase or lease available space in any CE labs facility. CE labs warehouse facilities provides an opportunity for a security, automated order fulfillment, and product distribution to anywhere in the world.

Advantages of advance warehousing with CE Labs:
• Reduced overhead costs
• Improved order cycle time
• Enhanced asset transfer and utilization
• Reduced company’s risk profile


Technical Support

We care about the customer experience as much as you and strive to be an extension of your team. We want to empower customers by providing superior training and live technical support. Leveraging our advanced software tools and our technical expertise, CE Labs has gained a reputation for being able to offer superior service. From remote device management to level-one phones support, we are committed to providing our partner and their customer with an exceptional experience.

Our team is passionate about supporting our global partners and dedicated to keeping their mission critical networks up and running.

We offer a wide variety of support services options:
• Level-1 Phone support.
• Network deployment support
• Troubleshooting all CE Labs devices
• Training Partners and their associates
• Customer education programs
• Advanced Replacement – Emergency Hardware replacement within 48Hrs.


System Design

Our enterprise partners have demanding environments and support increasingly complex networks. As a global software and hardware manufacturer we work with our partners and their customers to design complex, integrated solutions. Our goal is to help our customers define the initiatives and key deliverables to realize your vision.

A Few of Our Professional Services:
• System Design / Engineering
• Project planning and assessment
• Budgeting
• Site audits and installation surveys
• Software selection


““being able to consolidate all of our products, build custom kits and ship directly to our customer has been key to our growth” “

Mandy Baker Director of Operations

““We have worked closely with CE labs to launch our Android strategy and their products have continued to impress me”“

Robert Fant Vice President of Product Dev.

““our products arrived on time and we were able to get everything up and running quickly. Your team is full of rockstars. Thank you! “ “

Janice Rodriguez Sr. Project Manager